How To Gain A Girl’s Trust Even Though Your Name Is Matt

Maybe you saw her on Tinder, or across the room, or even at your job. She’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she could be the one. You just have to introduce yourself and see if sparks fly.

There’s just one big obstacle in your way: your name is Matt.

Chances are, she’s already been hurt by someone with your name, and has ruled out Matts entirely as date potential. Here’s how to gain her trust, against her better judgment:

1. Spell it differently

Maybe you’re a Mat with just one T now! Or maybe it’s short for something more exotic than Matthew, like Mathias, or Matterhorn, or Matisyahu. This way, you won’t have to shed too much of your identity for her, keep your nickname, and, as five wise women once said, spice up your life.

2. Get a cooler nickname

Conversely, you can keep “Matthew” as your real first name, but assure you that your friends call you something else. One tried-and-true method is going for “Matty ___”: Matty Lite, Matty G… Matty anything, really. You’ll sound like a crummy white rapper, but it’s still better and more interesting than plain old “Matt”.

3. Straight-up lie

It’s what men do best! What better way to gain a woman’s trust than by lying to her?