Bechamel – The New Bechdel Test

Are you tired of hearing about movies not passing the Bechdel Test? Do you mishear the name Bechdel and think you’re going to be in a discussion about a delicious, creamy white sauce? You’re not alone. As a result of this common misunderstanding, we at HornRimmer have created the Bechamel Test™ for movies. To pass the Bechamel Test™ a movie must pass three criteria: At least one (1) scene with food as the centerpiece, and (2) we see the characters eat that food before (3) commenting on the deliciousness of said food.

Movies that pass the Bechamel Test™ include: 

  • Chef
  • Ratatouille
  • No Reservations

So there you have it! Go out and find movies that pass the Bechamel Test™ and when you do, make sure to let the world know by using #BechamelTest!