Shitty Dudes to Date So You Won’t Be the Worse One in the Relationship

By Jess Noe // @therealjessnoe Are you testing the waters while getting COVID tests to prepare yourself for reentering the dating scene? Are you worried that the long slog of quarantine has made you a filthy creature with low standards for yourself and newly-lowered self-esteem? Fret not! Instead, buckle in for a humbling experience that won’t […]

French Guy Pretty “Eh” About Being Murdered

Marcel Toussaint doesn’t understand why he’s about to be killed, but he’s pretty fine with it. “It was bound to happen,” he says as a gun is pointed at him, “but such is life.”  Marcel, a tech worker is who is about to fall victim to a random act of gun violence, is slightly bored […]

Dumbest Person from High School Now GameStop Billionaire

Well he’s done it! You never wanted to have to think about him again and now he’s the only thing anyone is ever going to talk about. The dumbest person you knew in high school is now a billionaire thanks to GameStop. Whether he was blatantly cheating or accidentally setting half the school on fire […]