We Asked These Americans Who’s Worse: People With No Sympathy for White Supremacists, or Actual White Supremacists? The Answer Won’t Shock You!

It’s survey time! We polled these four Americans and asked them who is worse; people who have little to no sympathy for white supremacists, or literal white supremacists? See their responses below! Frank, 48, Staten Island, NY: “I just can’t imagine wishing for pain against another, regardless of their views of an American white ethnostate. […]

Uh-Oh! Reality Getting Too Dark To Write Satire About!

Between RBG’s passing, environmental disasters in the west, forced hysterectomies in American concentration camps, the ongoing global pandemic, uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election, and the generally terrible state of all things, things are, to put it lightly, bleak. And certainly, no one is bearing the brunt of these crises more than America’s suffering online satire […]