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Report: Somehow Wonder Woman Is Not For Men?

In a wild twist, superhero films are apparently made for women now. Have you heard of the film Birds of Prey? The film stars Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and follows her trials and tribulations as a superhero/super villain. Despite the film being a comic book movie the film is not at all made for men. Which means only one crazy thing- that it was made for women! How can that be? The comic book to movie genre has been dominated by us males for years, yet suddenly it’s shown to be a genre that women actually like too? The concept is rather novel and will require some heavy caution in my opinion. 

Another wild example is the upcoming Gal Gadot movie, Wonder Woman! While the character is a female superhero, who hails from a female only planet, and as consequence was raised with the idea that women are powerful, beautiful, worthy, and just all around Neat- it has SO many women! Like, so many. Why can’t there be a few dudes around, even just in the background? I know it may not be “historically correct” in regards to the comic, but who cares? It’s just a movie and representation is important! Regardless, it seems like this movie has completely forgotten about half of the population and made a conscious decision to make a film, story, and character arc that speaks directly to women. I’m just as bewildered. 

This idea will be a continual investigation by HornRimmer as we try to understand this odd phenomenon.