Dating Well, Actually

6 Reasons Why She’s Licking Her Lips

You just sat down on the M train on your way to work at Jamaica Pediatrics when you looked up and came face to face with an absolute BABE. The most gorgeous woman on Earth and oh?, she just made eye contact with you! And she’s licking her lips! Score! She DEFINITELY wants to take you up against the subway doors right? NO, she doesn’t you perv! Not everything’s about you. Here’s six (not SEX) reasons why she’s licking her lips. 

  1. Her lips are chapped, in the painful kind of way 😦 

It’s Christian Girl Autumn, so that means the air around you is arid and dry. The poor girl’s lips are chapped and she forgot her Burt’s Bees at home. She’s moistening her lips to alleviate the pain! Have some sympathy you dingbat!

  1. She made eye contact with a scrumptious looking burger

She reached into a takeout bag and pulled out the most delicious looking burger on Earth. A thick juicy patty with melted cheese hanging over its sides. A sesame bun, so puffy and full, like a crown sitting atop a glistening, well constructed throne. The most perfect burger and she’s got eyes only for IT. Quit staring and give them some privacy! 

  1. She’s cleaning mayo from her lips 

Didn’t you see her buried in that burger for the past 10 minutes? She’s got chipotle mayo on her lips. She can’t just waltz around the city like that! She’s not interested in you, she’s savoring the last bites of her California Burger. Get real you dolt.

  1. She is really focused on an important work project

She’s pounding away on her laptop, pumping out the last few paragraphs to finish the project brief due at 10! If she doesn’t get this done, the client will be pissed! But this tight deadline won’t faze her. In fact, she thrives on the challenge! Go get em girl!  

  1. Her Very Berry lip gloss tastes really really good

She’s finally finished the project brief and now has to prep for the client presentation! Outfit? Check. Hair? Not a single strand out of place. Makeup? She whips out her lip gloss and dabs it on. And damn, it tastes really good. Mmmm. 

  1. She wants YOU

Okay, guess you were right, she really does want you! She’s licking her lips, staring coyly at you, and probably imagining what you look like underneath your scrubs. Better give her a show and lick your lips right back at her!