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Local Drug Dealer Releases 2019-2020 Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report

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JT, a local drug dealer based out of Providence, Rhode Island, officially released his 2019-2020 Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report to overwhelmingly positive reception.

Highlights from the report include his brand new sustainability initiatives. Through locally sourced and ethically grown marijuana, JT was able to cut carbon emissions throughout the supply chain by over 50%, while fairly compensating a diverse workforce. In addition, JT stopped using baggies altogether. He offers a 5% discount to anyone bringing their own reusable container. If a customer forgets, no problem! They can purchase an upcycled pill bottle from him that they can then reuse with their future purchases.

His report then dove into social responsibility initiatives, where JT continued to impress. In what he calls his “Reparations Discount,” JT offers all black customers a BOGO deal on their first 40 grams. He also offers a “Resistance Readers” program. Anytime you read a book from his list of activists, resistance leaders, or radical leftist, you receive a free gram. His reading list includes works from Angela Davis, Karl Marx, James Baldwin, bell hooks, Judith Butler, and many more!

Finally, JT’s report outlined future plans for sustainability and social responsibility. This includes investing in clean energy and water collection at his cannabis farms, with the goal of net-zero energy and water usage by the year 2025. JT is helping make the world a better place, one doobie at a time!