Hasbro Apologizes for Pro-Choice Themed ‘Operation’ Game

Following backlash from religious groups, Hasbro apologized earlier this week and issued a recall of their newest game, Operation: Abortion. The interactive game was developed as a collaboration with Planned Parenthood to raise awareness and money for reproductive rights. 

The game was marketed towards Planned Parenthood’s key demographic of women of child-bearing age, to teach them that abortion is ALWAYS an option, no matter what their youth group leader said. 

“We are disappointed in Hasbro’s decision to pull the game from store shelves,” said Anne Duvall, Director of Community Outreach at Planned Parenthood. “We had hoped the game would spark classroom discussions on the rights of women and the importance of owning one’s body.” 

At time of publishing, Planned Parenthood has been seeking out alternate outlets for abortion awareness, such as FunkoPops.