Well, Actually

Local Data Analyst Angry That He Doesn’t Experience Sexism at Work

Bro, I’ve had my last fucking straw with workplace sexism. The disparity between how men and women are treated is fucking unacceptable! Why do I, a male, get treated with normal amounts of respect while my female coworkers get treated like women? 

Nobody at work interrupts me while I’m talking. I tell the same old story about my whiny girlfriend every few weeks and everyone just ignores me like they usually do. But when Lyla from IT tries to point out a design flaw on the computer she gets shot down in 5 seconds. She was wrong of course, but it’s unbelievable that people can’t let her finish sentences before telling her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

Oh and why does Rita, a female coworker, always get told to organize the office potluck while I, a man, never get ordered around? Gender roles from home are being reinforced at work and I will NOT stand for this! In fact, I’ll be sitting my ass down eating Rita’s banana bread. Why? Because it’s fucking delicious and I might as well eat it since she brought it in.

And did you know that I get paid way more than Serena? I looked at her paycheck while she was in the bathroom. Seriously, we have the same exact job and it’s fucking bullshit that I can afford 500 more iced coffees than her while she has to settle for the dirty bean water from the office coffee maker.

I doubt anything will change. I benefit way too much from the patriarchy and it’s unfair that I’ll never know what the female experience is like. This fucking sucks!