Hate Manspreading? This One Trick Can Make It Go Away!

Manspreading. We’ve all seen that guy sitting with his legs all spread out and in everybody’s way. He’s right there splayed out in front of you the moment you step on a subway car.  His very visible ‘presence’ invading your line of sight and ruining your morning. In the COVID world, it’s an even more egregious act. He may be wearing a mask, but that doesn’t give him the right to stick his limbs in your personal space.

To help combat the rudeness exhibited by out-of-control manspreaders, other members of the male gender are starting an anti-manspreading movement. They’re taking a stand…by standing up!

Rather than lounging about with their legs all askew, men are marching themselves over to the nearest corner they can find and making themselves as unobtrusive as possible, raising their arms overhead for added slenderness.

Men are holding themselves to a higher standard now. Will you stand in solidarity with them? (Don’t claim you’re not annoyed by other manspreaders, manspreaders!)

If you want to take part in this growing minimizing-movement, head on over to your nearest corner and stick your arms up! Share a picture of yourself in this anti-manspreading pose with the hashtag #AntiManSpreading. Together, we will minimize our manspreading existence!