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Inspiring! Man Who Hates Sports Owns Every Type of Ball, Just in Case

Touchdown? Meet James, a 29 year old from Encino, CA, who has at least one of every kind of sports ball imaginable. The catch? He’s not much of a sports man!

“Yeah, I haven’t actually used one of these in a few years,” James said as he displayed his vast collection of footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, lacrosse balls, etc. “But a couple of my friends like sports, I think, so they might come in handy someday.”

But if you don’t like sports, how did you grow your collection? “Well, this basketball my uncle gave me back in highschool when I was getting bullied for sitting out during lunch. This frisbee I found at the park, and just took it. This tennis ball was from my ex’s dog. It’s a little dirty, but it should be fine for some tennis.”

Really cool James! Really cool!