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How Can You Say You Support Local Businesses, While Not Paying for Your Neighbor’s OnlyFans?

Now more than ever, we as consumers need to place more emphasis on patronizing local businesses and establishments. Buying locally cuts down on supply chain factors that exacerbate climate change, keeps resources and labor within your own community, and is a step in the right direction to combat capitalist ideologies. So I ask you, when it comes time to support your 19-year-old neighbor’s OnlyFans, why do you fail to maintain your Buy Local ideologies?

Let’s be clear; there is no “beginning and end” to supporting your community. It’s an ongoing effort to maintain the health and well-being of your town, your municipality, your city. And yet, people continue to arbitrarily draw a line in their support, often when it comes to vices. Have you forgotten that E-Girls need to eat? Need to pay rent? Have bills and loans of their own to survive our capitalist landscape?

It’s time to open our wallets. Subscribe to your neighbor’s OnlyFans. Or better yet, pay directly to their CashApp, the link is right there in the bio. We must lend a helping hand to those in our community, so that together, we can rise up and build a brighter future from the crumbled remains of the old system.