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Jada and Will Smith Send NDA Refreshers to All Their Closest Friends

In the wake of the August Alsina Affair going public, all of Jada and Will Smith’s sexual partners from 1997 to present have received letters reminding them of the Non-Disclosure Agreements each signed post-coitus.  The two-page document emphasized the importance of privacy in sensitive matters and the financial repercussions for being a snitch. It also featured what appeared to be a vague threat of physical violence, according to an inside source at the Smith’s lawyer’s firm. 

“I was shocked to get it,” said a former sexual partner of Will and Jada’s who wished to remain anonymous, “I thought they trusted me, but this veiled threat of retaliation just hurts, and not in the way I like.” 

HornRimmer cannot confirm how many of these NDA refreshers have been sent out, but according to a source inside the law firm’s copy room, thousands were printed.