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Karen Who Protested Against Lockdown Now On Three Month Waiting List for Haircut

Karen Sallers, of Decatur, IL, had been protesting every day against the state’s lockdown on non-essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. “Who gives the tyrannical government the right to control when I can and can’t get a haircut?” said Karen last week, “They’re destroying my life and my roots! This is a real-life 1984 and no one is doing ANYTHING about it!” 

When Illinois’ Phase 4 reopening started last Friday, Karen went to make an appointment at her favorite hair salon. After calling the salon to set up an appointment, she was horrified to discover that there was a 3-month waiting list due to the lockdown, and that their first available appointment would be at the end of September. “This is ridiculous!” said Karen, “We wouldn’t be in this situation if there was never a lockdown in the first place! Why did we even need a lockdown? Typical government, doing things for absolutely no reason!”