This Guy’s Step-Mom Got Stuck in the Washing Machine While Doing Laundry. You’ll Never Guess What He Did Next!

In what experts are calling a momentous occasion and a win for women’s rights, local HornRimmer fan Karl Alderson, 28, of Alexandria, VA, helped his stepmom while she was stuck inside the washing machine, instead of doing something else, early Sunday afternoon.

“I’ve moved back home during COVID to be with my dad and stepmom. When I walked into the laundry room on Sunday to wash my gym shorts, I saw Janice stuck in the washer. She asked me to help her out and for a moment I got the urge to leave her there… you know… we’ve all seen those videos. I was just about to start massaging her legs, but then I stopped myself. So instead, I called Robert, my dad, and he helped me get her unstuck.”

Wow, incredible! What a gentleman, Janice can be proud to know she and Robert raised such an upstanding young man.