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Six Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses Instead of Aimlessly Wandering Around Target

We’re taking a break from our *fine* sense of humor to post this real list of businesses because fuck racism. Are you trying to find a way to circulate your dollars within black communities instead of dropping them into the hands of white-owned multinational corporations? In this day and age, prosperity and power come from economic investment. LET US BE CLEAR: there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, but here are 6 places you can find black-owned businesses in your area.

  1. Find a Facebook Group 

There are so many facebook groups being created for black business owners to plug and share their businesses. Some groups are specific to a state or region, others are large national groups where you can search for state-specific posts. 

  1. Official Black Wall Street  –

One of the largest online directories for black-owned businesses in the US. The directory is easy to navigate by industry and by location. They also have an app. 

  1. We Buy Black –

An online marketplace for black-owned businesses to sell their products directly to consumers. 

  1. Know Your Rights Camp –

Not a business, but this is Colin Kaepernick’s foundation to educate and provide resources to black and brown communities. KYRC also has a legal defense initiative to provide legal help for those facing injustice while fighting injustice. You should donate.

  1. African American Chamber of Commerce

Every state and city has its own Chamber of Commerce. It is worth checking also if there is a Black Chamber of Commerce in your area as well. They will have a comprehensive directory of black-owned businesses under their jurisdiction. 

  1. Literally Just Use Google

You can literally just google “Black Owned Businesses in _____” and you will find a local media website or even a Reddit thread with lists of businesses. Below are a few examples of region-specific sites.