Uh-Oh, Next Song on Album Almost 11 Minutes Long

Well, this can’t be good, looks like the next track on this album is just shy of 11 minutes. 

Yeesh, are we ready for that kind of commitment? I mean, the album is good so far, but we’re only like two songs into this. I guess we could back out, but this is supposed to be a pretty good album.

Ok ok, calm down. Maybe this is just one of those songs with multiple sections, like Impossible Soul or Sing About Me / Dying of Thirst. Then it’s kinda just like listening to a couple of songs, no? I guess that’s not too bad.

Oh God, what if this song just has like 4 minutes of feedback in the middle? Or worse, if it’s just two chords played over and over and OVER.

Breathe in, breathe out. We’ve made it through Sister Ray, we’ve made it through Sound of Silver, hell, we’ve even made it through Venice Bitch. Goddamnit, we can make it through this!