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Guy Who Just Binged Avatar Now Balls Deep Into Fanfiction

After blitzing through all 61 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, local guy Eric Yang didn’t feel ready to leave the Avatar universe yet. “My heart is too invested in this show. I NEED more,” he lamented. With a growing urge to dive deeper into the histories and relationships of the characters, he turned to Avatar fanfictions to satisfy his hunger. 

He was elated to find a vast supply of fanfictions ranging from ‘What if Ozai Was an Alcoholic Instead?’ to the surprisingly sexy ‘Origins of the Cabbage Merchant.’ “I felt lost and empty after finishing the last episode. It feels really good to know people have been filling the void with steamy #Zutara content since 2008,” he explained. Eric was even more pleased to find multitudes of community forums where he could gush about his favorite fan-fics with rabid Avatar fans like himself.

As of press time, Eric says he has “five open tabs of Zutara fan-fics” and “will probably be getting hard tonight.”