Incredible! This Handyman is Making Pallets Out of Reclaimed Table Wood

Amazing! Following the trend of woodworkers reclaiming wood for their new projects, Jack Goldsmith, 26, of Maplewood, NJ has started to build pallets out of reclaimed table wood! 

“I’ve always been great with my hands, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been building things: birdhouses, cutting boards, hell I even handmade 1000 pencils last year as holiday gifts. But after seeing this trend of using reclaimed wood in projects, I knew I had to make pallets,” said Goldsmith. 

As he took us on a tour of his garage-turned-studio, Goldsmith talked about his love of reclaimed wood, “It’s beautiful stuff. You don’t see this craftsmanship today. I love finding old furniture at yard sales. I bought an original Thomas Chippendale table from 1760, in incredible condition, still marked with the craftsman’s name.” He gestured to a plastic folding table in the corner before continuing, “I already had a table, so I figured why not create something practical? I busted out my table saw and planer and a day or two later I had a very functional Chippendale pallet. I use it to hold firewood!”

“I recently picked up a mid-century piece by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, I intend on turning that into another pallet. It’ll be great, I’m thinking of experimenting by leaving a live edge or using a resin-pour for this one.” said Goldsmith.

Goldsmith’s creations are incredible displays of craftsmanship. They will be available for purchase wherever you buy your pallets this fall.