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Sadly Looking Out Window No Longer A Joke, Just How You Spend 20% of Your Day

It started out as a joke, but after that first time, it’s become the best part of your day. For 3.4 of the 17 hours you spend awake during the day, you can be found holding an empty cup and staring past the glass into the real world. 

In the morning you look out the window in the kitchen. It offers a beautiful but static view of the city. It brings you comfort, but sometimes you want to live a little. At those times you look out your bedroom window into your neighbor’s backyard. Two grown men throw a frisbee back and forth every day around 3 PM, and you just watch them. One you named Nike because he was wearing a Nike shirt last Tuesday, and the other you named John after your absent father because just like his approval, it’ll always be just out of reach, beyond the glass. 

Finally, while you brush your teeth at night, you look out the small frosted window in the bathroom. It’s small and definitely opaque, but it’s that feeling of blankness that soothes you. Between those hours of 11:20 PM to 12:32 AM, you briefly know peace.