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Congratulations! Taking Your Sister to Prom Isn’t Weird This Year!

With high school proms being canceled, high schoolers across the nation have lost out on the chance to grind on each other while teachers watch in horror nearby.

Upset about missing out on a sacred coming-of-age tradition, many teens have decided to hold virtual proms from inside their homes. With so few choices available for dates at home, some teens end up bringing a member of their family to the event.

“My sister is my date this year, and finally no one can make fun of me for that,” said senior Jack Fiddleston.

Surveys have shown that high schoolers are largely more forgiving of fellow students who are bringing family members to prom this year given the strange circumstances. 

“I mean, we all get it. I’m doing the same thing in these trying times. I have to date my sister for a whole day too,” said junior Max Finch. 

Survey respondents have stated they will judge classmates who don’t bring at least a cousin next year.