Dammit! Productivity Derailed Again by Another Episode of Ozark

Come on man! You were JUST about to start working on that grant proposal that’s due next Friday. And after fumbling around on Word for 20 minutes you’ve found yourself back on Netflix and clicking on the next episode of Ozark. 

Didn’t we talk about this already! You have got to stop being drawn to the intense family drama surrounding Marty Byrde and how deep his financial shithole is! So stop it! Stop it right now! Go back to that stupid Word document with 5 words on it and keep working on the proposal that is due in TWO DAYS!!!! Fictional character Ruth Langmore ain’t gonna to write it for you! She’s don’t know shit about fuck anyway. 

Is it gonna kill you to stay focused for 59 minutes and 43 seconds to finish this assignment? Snap out of it and get back to reality. You can’t money-launder your way through everything!