Guy Saves USPS by Mailing Mother’s Day Card

From the day he was born up until yesterday, Dave Agarwal was just a normal, everyday guy from Schaumburg, Illinois. But today, we at HornRimmer recognize him as a national hero that has done the United States Postal Service a great service. 

Dave bravely decided that instead of calling his mother Pooja to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, he would mail her a card instead to help out his local post office. His purchase of a single $.55 cent Forever Stamp was the tipping point that helped the USPS to finally break even and prevent bankruptcy for good. 

Thank you Dave, for your financial sacrifice to save the USPS, a long-lasting and treasured institution for which the American people rely on to deliver their electricity bills, Valpak coupons and credit card marketing offers!

We reached out to Pooja to send her congratulations on her son being a national hero, but all she did was complain that her son had the audacity to not call her on Mother’s Day.