5 Ceiling Light Fixtures That Look Like Boobs to Help You Get Off During Quarantine

Are you alone during quarantine? Have you exhausted every page of PornHub by now? Has human contact been so scarce that the thought of holding another person’s hand literally makes you prematurely cum? Then you might need something new to get off too! In fact, if you look around your own home you’ll be able to find so much more material to turn you on! So come on! Get down and get off to these ceiling fixtures that look like boobs.

1. The classic, clean, elegant one. She is as reliable as she is beautiful, just like the Statue of Liberty. 

2. This one with crystals reminds you of a seasoned Vegas showgirl. Look at her pierced nips. Hot.

3. This extra pointy one scares you a little, in a horny way. Oooh the danger! Hope it doesn’t fall while the deed is being done.

4. The Double Ds. Because what’s better than one lighting fixture? Twins.

5. The one in your room. Gives off that ominous feel that will remind you that what you’re doing is a sin. Great for Catholics.