You Really Searched That on PornHub? TF is Wrong with You?

You fucking pervert. I can’t believe you really typed that into the search bar on pornhub dot com. I know quarantine has been hard, but that? Are you crazy? 

What if your family knew you looked that up? What if they knew you enjoyed jerking off to that? What would they think? Their only child…reduced to this? 

What if you went on a job interview for the government, and you were the most qualified candidate, but they did a background check and saw that during quarantine you searched for that. You would be escorted out of the building immediately! 

I mean it’s not illegal but come on, just watch the normal shit you like. I would have preferred you watched Two Girls; One Cup, got hard to that disgusting video, and jerked off to completion.  That would have been tame compared to what you just searched. Quarantine has changed you and I don’t like what I’m seeing. I can’t believe I once called such a vile and deplorable human being a friend. Shame on you, shame on all of you.