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Sorry Babe, Can’t Eat Ass Tonight. I’m on a Cut


Summer is approaching, and I need to get below 15% body fat if I want my abs to pop-out at the shore. Quarantine bod is just not gonna cut it. I need to maintain 2300 calories every day to maintain a weekly 0.5% body fat weight loss, and I just cannot fit the calories of ass-eating in tonight! 

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve swapped 8 oz of chicken breasts for thighs, which adds an extra ~250 calories to my diet (not to mention -10g of protein), not to mention the two-pancake cheat meal I had this morning. If I want to meet my macros today, it’s only spinach, eggs, and protein shakes with water for the rest of the day. That booty just won’t fit in my macros tonight!

If I could eat ass every night, I would, but booty just is not optimal for muscle-hypertrophy or fat loss. Here and there as a cheat meal, sure I can squeeze ass-eating into my diet. But babe; tonight, we’re just going to have to let that ass go stale.