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Woman Contemplates Whether Guy Who Likes Her Tweets on Gender Fluidity is Actually Woke or Just Likes Her Ass

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After receiving 40 Twitter notifications from the same account, Twitter user TorahTheExplorer wondered if Judd, her old high school classmate agreed with her progressive views on gender fluidity, or if he was just fiending for that ass. Each tweet about the toxic nature of the gender binary was accompanied by a dummy thicc thirst trap. “It helps with my engagement rates.” 

“I hadn’t talked to him since senior year, six years ago,” said Lisa, “But about a week after I posted my wakeboarding pics from Cancun, I got a notification that he followed me. Is that too close to be a coincidence?”

Case in question, her latest tweet about how gender is violence elicited a curt reply from Judd; “Wow that’s tight.” 

“Was he talking about the social constraints of heteronormativity being too tight that you lose your grip on what you find important, or was he talking about my jeans?”

HornRimmer has reached out to Judd for comment, but he has not yet responded. We know he’s online though because we can see him liking Torah’s tweets.