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HornRimmer How To: Manically Cut Your Hair During Quarantine

Are you too self-isolated? Quarantine got you down? Feeling incredibly empty because it’s the end of the world? Sounds like the perfect time to cut your own hair! 

The problem is you can’t feel anything right now, and cutting your hair will make you feel something, ANYTHING!! Here are some tips to make the most of this manic episode: 

1: Layers! Nothing says you’re having a manic episode more than hair that has volume! Make sure you section off groups of hair and cut the same amount one at a time. Cutting across straight lines will make you look like you’ve been inside for too long 

2. Go for that shaved undercut on the hair you’ve been growing out your whole life, you deserve it. Just make sure you don’t go too far; undercuts are in, the Hitler Youth is not.  

3. Bleach! It’s the perfect way to let your friends know you need help! It’s also relatively easy because I saw someone do it on live the other day. 

4. Shave it all off! That medium length is what you’re going for, but it’ll take a week or two to grow out from the shave. This is the best option because no one will see you during those first two weeks of looking like a skinhead. 

Please don’t do wacky facial hair, no one likes that unless it’s a 70s porn stache.