Profiles in Courage: This Man Lowers the Volume on Music with the N-Word

At HornRimmer, we love to profile the everyday heroes of our society, the people who may not get enough press for doing the right thing: men who help old ladies cross the street, people who pick up after their dogs, etc. Today we’re proud to profile a true hero of the modern world.

Meet Ned, a 27-year-old insurance agent from Reading, Massachusetts and what Ned does is truly remarkable! You see, every time Ned listens to hip-hop, he always makes sure to mute his speakers when anyone says the N-word. Quick on the uptake and even quicker on the volume knob, Ned has gone 4 years without hearing the N-word in a song. How does he do it you may ask? We’ll let Ned tell you!

“You see, I love hip hop, I think it’s a fascinating exploration of a culture I don’t get to experience, as much as I’d love to! So every time a new song or mixtape drops, you can find me on looking up the lyrics! I often will listen to the first part of the song to get the beat down and the flow and then recite the song to myself. I mark on a notepad the timestamps of where I believe the slurs may occur and I always make sure to mute the sound at those times!”

Incredible, and you may be wondering what Ned does when he can’t find the lyrics readily available?

“Well,” says Ned as he pushes his horn-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose, “I have an African-American friend who I ask to listen to the songs and mark where the words come in. He’s a true brother! He even told me I can call him that!”

Amazing! With this, we salute Ned, the hero our society needs to tackle race relations.