Socialism Win! These Brooklyn Activists Refuse to Pay for Their Monthly Coffee Subscription Boxes During COVID-19!

Following in the footsteps of tenants refusing to pay rent during the Coronavirus crisis, a group of Brooklyn activists have banded together and refused to pay for their monthly curated coffee subscriptions during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Michael-Vincent Ferrari, 28, of Park Slope organized the activist group in what many are calling another salvo in the war on Capitalism. “We just feel that like rent, coffee is a necessity of life. And not that Folgers bullshit, but premium, whole coffee beans, curated to our needs through artificial intelligence and personality quizzes. Without coffee, we can not exist and as a result, we believe we should not have to pay for our subscriptions during these trying economic times, but still get a product from the coffee company” said Mr. Ferrari.

Other residents of Park Slope, couple Marie Donovan and Jennifer Collins, are also participating in the strike. They released a statement on their joint Instagram account that said, “How dare these companies try to hold us hostage by saying that their coffee is a luxury good! They should be considered essential workers. Our small batch coffee imported from Yemen that is $68 a bag is essential!” 

HornRimmer reached out for comment from multiple coffee subscription services but all were home, sheltering in place, making sure not to spread COVID-19.