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Oh, You’re An Aries? Did You Mean to Say Dictator?

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Is associating with an Aries worth it? Being around them is a catch-22. You COULD socially-distance yourself away from those bossy, arrogant pricks, but then you’d probably be left in the dust and excommunicated from society. Some famous Aries to look up to: Kim Il Sung, and Nikita Khrushchev. 

They dominate conversations wherever they are. Happy hour, work meetings, public speeches to the masses. Good luck ever getting a word in. 

And they lack a filter too. They will say whatever is on their mind without hesitation, even if they’re wrong. They don’t see the logic in people questioning them. In fact, if you do, they will probably find a way to make you disappear.

Aries live by their own rules, and they will make you live by them too. As the most demanding member of the zodiac, they will command the people around them to do their bidding. They could tell you to bake them cookies or to mine for coal in the state-owned quarry. And they’ll just expect you to do it! Like?? Wtf. 

All the negatives aside, they are strong-willed and have natural leadership qualities. If you are a Gemini, you’re in luck! Your subservient, needy nature is a perfect match for the dictatorial Aries and you will be sure to survive in this democratic republic!