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Whoa! Guy Learns That Girlfriend Showers Way Less Than He Thought

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Since beginning to practice social distancing in their shared apartment, local man Timothy Evans has realized that his girlfriend showers way less than he thought she did. Since about 2 weeks ago, his girlfriend apparently has only showered a total of 6 times. This results in about 1 shower every other day. A concept Evan just cannot begin to grasp. 

“I shower at LEAST once a day! Sometimes twice a day!” he exclaimed, “I eat like a slob but at least I wash it off!” 

Evans, who normally leaves for work before his girlfriend, noted that he assumed she showered before work every day and just never saw it because of their different schedules. Now, he has the confirmation that she indeed, does not.

“Kind of makes me see her in a different light. Still love her. But, it’s different” he said. 

Editor’s Note: Evan’s girlfriend could not be reached for comment as she was busy cleaning said shower that Evan’s uses at least once a day.