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Finally! This Guy Who Never Has Anything Interesting to Say is Going on Instagram Live

Stop! Put down that knitting you’ve picked up again since there’s nothing left to do in quarantine! Kevin Schmidt aka your one friend who never has anything interesting to say has now gone on Instagram Live!

What’s he going to talk about? Maybe he’ll talk about the weather! Maybe he’ll tell you what he got in the mail that day! Maybe he’ll even attempt to make a controversial statement (ya know, just to spice things up) and end up making a blanket statement that can’t be argued with like that time he said, “I’m not a fan of gas chambers. Sue me!” 

God, the anticipation is going to KILL you unless you get on there right now! So go! Be one of his 5 viewers—you and 4 people who accidentally clicked on it and are trying to exit out as fast as they can—and think about how daily life has become moving between your couch and bed, watching Kevin Schmidt talk about how he arranges his shoe rack on a social media app and reminiscing about the times you could go outside.