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Are You Sure You Wiped All the Poo from Your Baby's Buttcrack?

Congratulations! You’re now a dad! We get it, you’re completely in love with your little munchkin Sadie. But you need to peel your eyes away from your world for just a second. Remember 5 minutes ago when you changed Baby’s diaper? You were so proud that you managed to do the whole thing without running away from the smell once. 

But are you sure you wiped all the poo from Baby’s buttcrack? No, you’re not sure at all. You rushed through the diaper change to have as little contact as possible with the smell, but in the process, you left a few chunks in there. Sadie’s going to crawl around with a squishy poopy butt now. If you don’t re-clean her buttcrack, she will get diaper rash. It’s going to be itchy. She’s going to be up all night crying. And her diaper region will be a shade of red that’ll make your balls hurt. You don’t want a $300 bill from the pediatrician do you? Get back in there champ!