Dating Wellness

I'm Broken, So I Only Date Psych Majors

As a proud HornRimmer, I’m in touch with my feminine side, and that means I’m in touch with my feelings and my emotions. I understand mental health is a thing that should not be overlooked. But at the same time, I’m a man. I have a penis. So I can’t be seen at a therapist or a psychiatrist. That’s so emasculating, I’m not about to trade in my testicles for a citalopram prescription. 

With this in mind, I’ve discovered the ultimate life hack. A way to make sure I’m aware of my mental health, while also being aware of my penis. I only date psychology majors. You read that right. I only date psych majors, it’s a game-changer! 

I’m currently seeing a girl named Liz. She’s 24 with 4 years of psychology classes under her belt. That means she’s absolutely brilliant at diagnosing my problems over dinner. She’s such a great listener and really knows how to get me to open up. She’s already diagnosed me with a savior complex, depression, an anxiety disorder, and possible sociopathy. 

I’m telling you HornRimmers, Liz is incredible. She’s got some baggage, I mean… she’s a psych major…  but I think she could save me from my demons and also mold me into a more perfect human. I love her. I really think I could see myself marrying this girl and getting free therapy for the rest of my life!