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Nut: A Superfood

Image courtesy of Sammy Six:

If you’re looking to jumpstart your day with fierce focus and determination, thousands of people around the world are now consuming nut! Nut is the new Superfood. Nut is a great source of protein, fiber and monounsaturated fat which all help the body function and are good for you. There is dry nut, wet nut, nut that grows on trees and nut that comes wrapped in a meshy bag from Mexico, like Avocados! 

Did you know that an ounce of nut in the morning can help increase your performance throughout the day? Nut will keep you calm, nut will keep you alert and of course, nut will keep the urge for a midday snack at bay.

Now you can have a little crushed nut with a coconut yogurt which will offer a nice blend of omega-6 acids and triglycerides which will help you live longer than if you have none of those things I just mentioned. Nice! You can also have ground nut, which can easily be made in a food processor to make sure the nut is processed. This style of nut is great for mixing into a nice Cranberry Salad, which will help you pass nut sooner. Nut should not be kept in the body all day long, you never want too much nut in your gut. 

Hey, by the way, have you heard about Heart Disease? Nut is great for preventing it! Disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and the heart pumps all the blood throughout the whole body. What nut does is it reduces the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries, but it doesn’t completely remove it. The body makes all the cholesterol you need for vitamin D and hormones, which you need to digest food like nut. If you have too much cholesterol, you might not be able to eat that much nut. That would stink. 

Dried seeds can also be considered nut, but most nut have a hard shell on the outside. Inside of this shell, nut is also very high in calories, so do not eat nut with a soda. You should also not eat nut while smoking. 

Well there you have it, adding nut to your morning diet will help you to maintain focus, cut down on excess food consumption in the middle of your day, and reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body. Remember to gather a collection of nut, the new superfood, next time you go to the grocery store. 

Thank you.