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HornRimmer Horoscopes: Pisces, Work Hard and Cry Harder!

You’ll never meet anyone more hardworking and successful than a Pisces. Some of them even ascend to the golden child/teacher’s pet status. It’s quite infuriating actually because they are genuine, honest people that have no concept of being manipulative shitbags in order to be at the top of the class. They are just really good at what they do and show off by simply being their caring, selfless selves.  

But, what goes up must come down… and Pisces will come down harder than Niagara Falls. Life is so hard, and failing to be that perfect angel will break them and get the waterworks going. 

Made a mistake at work? 


Run out of gas on the highway? 


Comforting someone else who’s crying? 


Don’t fret! Your most compatible sign this month, Taurus, gets really hard the more they see you cry! So get to work you salty fish!