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Uh-Oh! Is Your Sports Team Canceled?

Oh man, it’s that time of year again! Baseball games are right around the corner, hockey and basketball are nearing the playoffs, and football is somehow still all over the news. You’re ready for weekends with the boys, watching every game with a cold beer and your favorite team’s jersey. What you’re not ready for is being a sports fan in today’s political climate. What can you say? What can’t you say? And most importantly, is your sports team canceled?

If they’re canceled, you may be facing a pretty grim future filled with basic boring t-shirts, or worse, a lecture from Luke’s girlfriend on “social responsibility.” Thankfully, we at HornRimmer put together a handy flowchart to help you figure out if you can still wear your sports team’s jersey with pride, or if you’re going to have to get a long sleeve shirt to cover up that offensive tattoo!