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Four Fast Feminist Facts to Get Your Freak On

You’re a man, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a feminist. You love and support the movement! You even have “Feminist” on your Tinder profile, but are you prepared for your next date? Here at HornRimmer, we have you covered with 4 fast feminist facts to help you get her in bed after dinner, fast.

  1. Lean into the Second Wave 

No equal rights movement in the 1960s was more important than the Second Wave of Feminism. During this time, female empowerment was all the rage. Women explored their sexuality in a deep way (like how deep you’re about to be). Let your date know that you want to bone her feminine mystique in a way Betty Friedan would tolerate. You’d be cool with going to her place to fuck. She’ll definitely be impressed by your knowledge of Friedan, a feminist

  1. Burn Her Bras

Let her know how triggering it is that so-called feminists actually believe women burned bras at the Miss America protest in 1969, but that doesn’t mean you can’t burn bras now. Show her how much you support the Free the Nipple movement, and maybe she’ll show you hers. Point out that you and your hands would support her more than a bra ever could. Tell her “Oh, by the way, women should go pantyless as well!” 

  1. Sexually Liberate your Penis

In 1960, the FDA approved the use of the first birth control pill. To show your support, let her know that you will never wear condoms because you want to fully support her right to take the pill and have control over her own body. Nothing will make a woman wetter for you than hoping her eggs won’t be fertilized by your cum. If she’s not sopping wet at the thought of your cock thrusting into her, unsheathed and unprotected, is she even really a feminist? 

  1. #WeToo

When Alyssa Milano invented the #MeToo movement in October 2017, women everywhere began sharing their sexual assault stories. Reading all these stories on Twitter made you an expert on exactly what women go through. So let your date know that it’s not #MeToo, it’s #WeToo. You and your cock are not only in her but with her.