Dictionaries Add Word “Intylerable” To Specifically Describe Men Named Tyler

By Jess Noe // @therealjessnoe

You know him. You hate him. He’s Tyler.

That’s why both Merriam-Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary are reaching across the pond, shaking hands and announcing a new word specifically to define the emotions one bears when faced with a Tyler: “Intylerable.”

Both dictionaries define “Intylerable” as: A man so boorish, so self-righteous., so… Tyler. A man whose presence… can be so overwhelming in presence that he is rendered indescribable. To paraphrase Akon: I’m trying to find the words to describe this douche, while reaching the appropriate levels of “disrespectful”.

“Tyler thinks he’s God’s gift to any room he enters,” said Charles Merriam V, president of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. “If the attention’s not on him, it will be soon, because this boy is LOUD.”

The gatekeepers of the English language are reacting to the shared suffering of all non-Tylers, who’ve sat through countless rants from an endless number of Tylers.

“Have you ever met a quiet Tyler? Probably not,” said Mortimer Oxford VI. “If they do exist, the Loud Tylers are certainly drowning them out regardless.