Politics Well, Actually

Expand the Court or Expand My Gaping Asshole: Balls in Your Court, Libs

Times up, Dems. The train to Pound Town has arrived. Either hop inside my gaping asshole, or pack the Supreme Court in order to impede the USA’s acceleration into fascism. 

Republicans do not approach politics in good faith, which has allowed the party to steamroll Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination, while postponing any COVID stimulus deal until after the election. It is time now for the Democrats to implement change that, Inshallah, would actually improve our prospects for the future: expand the Supreme Court to allow space for new progressive justices. Alternatively, you can expand my butthole, allowing space for new progressives penises.

Yes, it’s bold. It’s risky. And it may even change lives. That’s exactly why I’m giving you the option to pack the Supreme Court instead of my asshole. It’s the smart and strategic move to maintain any semblance of democracy we have under our capitalist state. 

So the ball is in your court. The clock’s ticking down, the train’s getting ready to leave the station and the toaster is nearly submerged in the tub. Expand the Supreme Court, because there’s no loophole that’ll keep that swole flagpole out this poophole.