Michael Barbaro Buries the Lede

By Michael-Vincent D’Anella-Mercanti // @mvddm

On Wednesday, Michael Barbaro, host of the NYTimes podcast The Daily, spoke for a straight 30 minutes about the editorial guidelines at the New York Times in the 1980s before finally telling listeners that 13 people had been shot and are still in critical condition at hospitals in Bozeman, Montana. 

Barbaro, a journalist at the Times for over 20 years, intended to tell the story of how this shooting is a symptom of a larger rift between the locals and new tech workers who’ve moved from big cities to Bozeman during the pandemic. But, he instead only had 8 minutes left to inform his listeners after waxing poetic on outdated editorial guidelines. 

Later, when asked why he waited all that time to inform his listeners, Barbaro said he’d “gotten distracted,” and that there’s “no real format to these things, much like there’s no real format to Squarespace, the platform that lets you design your website the way you want.” 

Part two of the discussion about antiquated editorial guidelines will happen tomorrow before Michael remembers that there is a breaking news story that he has to report on.