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Travel Hack! This Guy Clicks Around Google Streetview For a Good Time

Traveling abroad might be off-limits this summer, but that hasn’t stopped Henry Blake from visiting Europe! Blake, 32, a resident of Newport, RI, has long enjoyed his globe-trotting lifestyle. He’s hitchhiked across Asia, trekked throughout Europe and even traveled to Antarctica. And, he’s done it all from the comfort of his own home! What’s his secret? Google StreetView! 

“I’ve never enjoyed leaving my house, but I’ve always wanted to travel as a kid. Six years ago I discovered Google StreetView and now I spend all my extra time clicking around. I’ve been around the world nine times,” said Mr. Blake.

“My favorite trip was to downtown Seoul. I ended up getting a panorama view of the inside of a vape shop! I saw so much! They had vapes, pipes, even some funny weed t-shirts! It was amazing. But then I was so tired from traveling that I passed out on my couch.”

Amazing! We hope to run into this cultured and well-traveled man on one of his many trips!