Hornrimmer Hero! This Guy Bullied His Friends Into Recycling

Step aside, Greta Thunberg! A new eco-warrior has blazed onto the environmental scene. Cam Johnson, of Greenville, SC, has quickly built a reputation for being a formidable activist who will stop at nothing to save the planet. 

“He’s really mean,” said Marcos Lazar, Cam’s former best friend. “I once bought a bottle of water and was about to throw it in the trash when Cam came up to me and started cussing me out and saying stuff like ‘I hope you choke on a bottle cap.’ Like damn.” Marcos distanced himself from his friend after that, but admitted that he did recycle now out of fear. 

Erin Flanagan, Cam’s work wife at the Greenville News-Gazette, told us that he would regularly berate anyone he saw throwing a newspaper in the garbage. “He stands at their desk and glares at them until they fish it out of the garbage. I quickly started recycling all my old papers before he got the chance to notice that I threw them out too.” 

Cam is an eco-warrior online as well! Countless friends have come forward sharing screenshots and DM’s from him calling them out on their unsustainable behaviors. “I posted a gym pic of myself and Cam kept blowing up my notifications cause of the Gatorade bottle behind me,” said Kevin Chu, a Facebook friend of Cam’s. “He kept DMing me until I agreed to recycle everything. Guy’s fucking nuts.” 

We at HornRimmer laud Cam Johnson’s efforts to protect our planet! Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!