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It Took Thousands of Arrested Non-Murderers to Get George Floyd’s Four Murderers Arrested

For a country with a long history of racism, America finally reached its breaking point when it came to the killing of George Floyd. For reasons unbeknownst to logical people everywhere, the police officers responsible for Floyd’s death remained free men for days after the murder took place. This sparked widespread outrage and motivated protesters to take to the streets to let the world know their thoughts.

“I feel like a black citizen who murdered someone on video would’ve been locked up immediately and not left to sit at home ordering Seamless,” said Matt Jackson from Houston, Texas.

“The police shouldn’t brutalize protesters at protests meant to protest police brutality,” said Dewey Smith from New York City. “That’s just going to increase the number of murderers that us non-murderers have to protest against!” 

After more than a week of protests, all four officers involved in George Floyd’s murder were finally arrested. 

Said Roger Johnson from Minneapolis, Minnesota, “The police are finally being held responsible. All it took was protests in all 50 states and across the world and thousands of people being arrested instead of just four.”