Politics Well, Actually

‘Stop Oppressing Us,’ Say Nation’s Cops

In these unprecedented times, cops are being vilified like no other group in history. People are saying we’re all bastards and that we’re racist against Black people. They’re marching in the streets to demand reform and filming us every time we beat up protesters. How dare they attack us with their First Amendment rights!

We have just as much of a right to force our made-up authority onto others as anyone else! If not more because that’s what the taxpayers are paying us to do! You have to be ABOVE the law to enforce it! Duh! The fact that people are trying to get rid of the police state is oppression, through and through!

Now, everyone is talking about abolishing the police and defunding the police. These radical leftists want to take away our jobs? Our livelihoods? And for what? Black lives? The way they are treating us is atrociously unfair! If they’re going to keep demanding justice, then maybe we’ll just not do our jobs anymore and quit! How do you like them apples?