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Local Man Stunts on Roommates By Actually Getting Dressed Today

Local man Carlos Estes stunted on his two roommates from the comfort of his Brooklyn apartment by actually getting fully dressed this morning. The threesome has been quarantined together in their tri-level Williamsburg apartment for approximately three weeks and in that time none of them have worn anything but comfy pants.

That all changed today when Carlos walked into the living room wearing his H&M black jeans, checkered Brooks Brothers button up, and blue Patagonia vest. 

The statement outfit rocked the housemates to their core and sent them scurrying to their rooms to hide. 

“Jeans? Oh god, jeans?!” roommate Kevin could be heard shouting as he rushed to the safety of his unmade bed, clad only in Target-brand basketball shorts.

Carlos, in a quick statement, stated “I’m a renaissance man.” A statement which doesn’t completely make sense or even have any basis of fact, but a statement, nonetheless, that compliments the plethora of fraternity memorabilia displayed in his room. 

Sources say Kevin and John are still recovering from the massive flex and haven’t been seen since besides shameful bathroom breaks.