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Disneyland is Still Open If You Know How to Hop a Fence

Are you sad that Disneyland is closed? Well don’t fret! In this free world, anything and everything is still open if you can still physically access it. If you know how to hop a fence, Disneyland is still technically open!

If it were really closed, they would’ve sealed off all ways to get in by placing a huge dome over the whole place. But they didn’t! The main gates may be locked, but there are an infinite amount of entrances just 6 feet above the ground. All you need is a magic carpet to cover the barbed wire on top of the exterior fences. 

I mean, you probably can’t go on Space Mountain or anything cause you don’t know how to turn on a roller coaster, there’s no food stocked anywhere, and all the game prizes are locked, but there are still lots of places to pose for pictures for your Instagram! You can walk around and look at empty amphitheaters and architecture, see a castle or two. Maybe sit down on a bench and listen to the wind blowing. Yeah! Hop that fence bro!