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Ultimate Act of Chivalry? This Guy Became a Doorman

Just when you thought chivalry was dead, local New Yorker Justin Montez has broken yet another barrier by becoming a doorman so that he could hold doors open for people. Every day, Justin waits by the front entry doors for the sole purpose of holding them open for innocent patrons. Tenants of the 85th St. apartment building have noticed the difference it makes by having such a gentlemanly presence coming in and out of their building, and so far it is making everyone’s day. It’s hard to imagine such an act of selflessness from an ordinary person, but Mr. Montez is no ordinary person. He’s basically the real-life Captain America.

“I’m all about doing good for others just for the sake of doing good. Holding doors, saying hello to maintenance workers, paying for your date’s meal, getting threatened at gunpoint by her overprotective father. Call me a fool, but I still believe in old school values like that,” said Montez, while holding the door open. “I am required to mention, though, that this is a paid job.”

Montez is nothing short of a legend in his community. Ask anyone from his humble Greenwich Village neighborhood.

“Oh sweet little Justin is always looking out for others,” said 14th St. bodega store owner Carla Santos. “Always holding doors open for young ladies, saying hello, giving exact change. What a good boy.”

“You know it’s like Mama always said: Hold doors open for others, and doors will be opened for you. Again, I do have to mention that I am getting paid for this.”