Conservative Cousin Oddly Quiet This Week

A local woman is in shock this week due to the lack of aggressive social media posts from her conservative cousin. Catherine McConnelly of Philadelphia has yet to see her cousin, Brett McConnelly, comment on the violence that occurred Wednesday afternoon.

“Brett hasn’t posted a single meme since Wednesday morning,” said Ms. McConnelly. “Usually he posts a #stopthesteal post, but he hasn’t so much as shared a tweet from the president.”

Mr. McConnelly’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were consistently active since the 2016 presidential election. McConnelly’s profile, with a picture of Pepe the Frog in a MAGA hat riding a “Trump Train” as the profile pic, normally posts at least 5 times a day. These posts are usually QAnon conspiracy theories, alt-right memes, and the occasional failed thirst-trap. The last post sent from McConnelly’s accounts was a picture of him in his pickup truck wearing a MAGA neck gaiter, with the caption, “Fellow patriots, we must stop the steal at all costs!”

Ms. McConnelly speculated that her cousin might have been one of the white nationalists who stormed the capital on Wednesday. “He always talked about doing whatever it takes to protect Donald Trump, but I always figured it was just hyperbole. Guess he was serious.”